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A New World Stepped Into


My room is the pale pink, round moon in the south corner where I read,

And the light that I read from are the fireflies that fly there

And that cast a rose-coloured glow against my burned skin

And the straw blanket bleached by the sun that covers my bare shoulders.


I dip my feet in the night waters filled with light,

And the suns and stars float like daisies and sunflowers in the universes

As I watch them, laying upside-down, go with the tide,

And the light that falls on me makes what was weak, strong and beautiful now.


There is a hint of surprise and deep royalty and a scarlet of fall that I see

And flowers that I thought fell from the sky and grew in the morning,

And winding, delicate ivy buds in my air that blend with the moonlight

And sunlight that I drown in.


Give me the stars and suns and moons to separate the darkness in me

And let me step into the sky warm with the sunrise and sunset

And lay on the trees that stretch their arms, soaked with the sun’s setting colors,

And I will learn how to love myself and let my broken heart heal.




Snow falls in great white blossoms to the sea,
budding slowly as they fall and disappear,
but they turn into stars –

shining in the daytime, as well in the night,
drenched in sunlight, becoming sunlight
in a strange green darkness of sea;

and I lay on an ocean of stars,
on beds of breathing waves,
looking up to something more and beautiful

and seeing paths of gold in the sky,
leading to home, leading to heaven
as the sun sets and dies.

A flower is stirred and a star is troubled,
and useless rage is tempered by patience,
by a great ring of pure and endless light

that blinds the darkness in my heart
and kills inside of me
what needs to be dead, what needs to die.

Eyes are closed and fingers brush the sky,
and a broken heart heals –
hope like an open, eternal flower.


A/N: The name of the poem maybe a bit terrible. I am sorry if it is. If you have suggestions for the name, please feel free to share if you wish to share. I hope you enjoy it.


Wishful Catching (or) Firefly Catching

Bodies filled with light,

these little fireflies

caught in a jar

for the first time

as I run barefoot;

. . .

my feet digging

in the garden soil

as I catch wishes

that light in the faded

evening with the

. . .

darkening skies

as I run and catch

fireflies that grant wishes,

these wishful stars

that cling to the earth.

Shark Teeth (or) I’ll Never Lose Him

Written on June 1, 2015, finished on June 2, 2015
During my vacation, I found two shark teeth; and because it was rare to find shark teeth, I put them inside my Bible inside my Bible case.
But as soon as I found them, I took them out of my Bible, so I could read my Bible and put them on top of a book. I moved the book that I had put the two shark teeth on, making them fall onto the ground. I found one but I couldn’t find the other, so I went on my knees, looking for the other shark tooth; but as soon as I started doing that, I felt someone talking to me that felt like a thought.
I felt God telling me, “You may lose the shark tooth, but you will never lose Me.”
And that hit home, and I thought about what He told me and I talked about it with Him; and it’s true. Haha. So, so true.
I may lose a shark tooth, but I’ll never lose Him.
And the next day after that or so, I lost my other shark tooth while I was reading my Bible. I didn’t take it out of my Bible again, but instead left in there – losing it between the cracks of the small bridge I was sitting on, as I flipped the page the shark tooth was in as I was reading my Bible.
But as soon as I lost it, I found something that struck home again: a verse in the Bible.
“My health may fail, and my spirit may grow weak , but God remains the strength of my heart; he is mine forever.” Psalms 73:26 (NLT)
He is mine forever, just as I am His forever.
I may lose shark teeth, I may lose things and people, but I will never lose Him because He is mine forever.
I will never lose Him.
God is simply amazing and wonderful, and His humor is absolutely, funny. Just funny, haha.

Little Toad

Little Toad

little toad, little toad –
where are you?
you’re croaking
on your bed of steps;
singing a lullaby
to night to lull it to sleep.

little toad, little toad –
you must be tired
from singing so long,
the world to sleep;
but you continue on,
relieving us from stress.

little toad, little toad –
your calls can be heard
from miles and miles away,
but i hear you
croaking us a song
on the steps of my home.

little toad, little toad.

These Arms Praise the Lord

The branches from the pine trees,

fallen down from the storm and ice;

seeming so insignificant yet really

they are important because their

arms are one of the arms that

praise the One who made them;

their blood whispers of the one,

the one – the Creator who has

created them and fashioned them;

so they dance, they praise until the

days of their life ends in this world

and they go and come home.

{Inner Turmoil: poem}

It’s like

an inner turmoil
because half
of your sky
is blue
and half of
your sky
is gray
in your world.
. . .
Your cold tears
fall down
and soak
into my skin,
making my eyesight
as I stand
in your arms.
. . .
The sound
of a wailing train
with the sound
of the wind
as it rushes
and sweeps
with the storm
inside you,
in your heart.
~ ~ ~
As I stand outside, calling for my cat, I noticed white tiny specks flurrying all around me. Haha, foolishly as I am often foolish, I thought mayhaps it was coming off from the trees for some reason or that it was white dandruff. Oh, the foolishness of me, not the cleverness of me, haha.
I finally realized it was snow when it melted into my skin. As it snowed for a little bit, I sat outside as I watched over my cat. Closing my eyes and letting the snow melt onto me and listening to the sound of the train near my home, thinking I’ll miss my home when I have to move this summer.
There’s a beauty and peace and joy in my heart as I write this. My jacket that had snowflakes clinging to its surface, now warming up and melting the coldness I had brought in from outside into the warmth of my home.