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Clad in a chess-covered jacket,

Growing with ferns and moss on it
As I rub my hands,
Covered in chocolate cookies
And tears
Because of worry that I will turn
Into an icicle if they continue
To keep the freezing winds blowing.
But the black moths lead me
To a way that I can escape to,
Will someone burn the night away?
I seem to be afraid,
And the light burning the night
And leaving the stars to fall
Will help me see and wide awake.
A white shirt is bright as I wear it.
Coffee black and egg white,
Tired grey.
Tomorrow’s not yesterday –
Well, hopefully not, oui?
Tuck me in a frame of memories
If the day today is like yesterday,
So that I will not have to be
In a day that is the same.
Same old same,
I am tired of the same things,
Of bears growling at each other
Of the same things over again –
A paper shield will be covered
In my tears too
And my wooden sword
Will be worn from the same battles.
Will my Knight in Shining Armor
Be able to save me from the dragons
That have kidnapped me?
Will my Knight still love me
Even when the walls are still
Around me
Even though I try to tear them down
With my own hands?
Whisper me the answers,
Sir Owl;
Tickle my ears with your feathers
And peck into my stubborn head
The answers of
How to be wise
And not be like a donkey,
But me.
 . . .
A/N: Because He can leap over your walls, the walls that were never meant to be there. He can leap over your walls, He can walk through your walls, He can and will comfort you.

radiant skies

I wrote this poem two days ago. Haha, I stayed up late to 2 or 3 am working on the poem. I wrote this poem after my friend and I finished stargazing as I was getting ready for bed. We saw nebulae and red stars and a rainbow star that shined bright with rainbow rays and white paths of light and a clouds of stars as the stars and white oaths of light shifted too.

Haha, I saw 9 or 10 shooting stars and my friend saw 17 shooting stars. All in all, it was a night that I wasn’t going to forget because I was blessed. Again.

~ ~ ~

you shine bright

when it is dark;

brighter than the city lights

that try to compete with you;

your light either being

a red light

like fire trapped within

or rainbow rays

shining with invisible rain

or just a light

following darkness.

you leave a trail,

a trail of star dust,

fairy dust, your dust;

as you nebulae

and dwarf planets

and suns and galaxies

gather together

and make shadows

dance across night

and leave

white paths of light

and bring clouds of stars.

as shooting stars

grant you wishes,

whispering you warnings

to keep your wishes secrets

or faeries

might steal it;

while they, those tumbling

liquid diamonds

fall for us

from their radiant skies.

An Adventure with God

I want my head resting on Your Word, my mind in your Kingdom and my heart in you, Daddy.

I was suddenly standing next to a tree with one hand on it, and I was with the angels. I could see the angels yet I couldn’t see them at the same time. Then I saw God and I happily ran to him and we hugged.

He set me down, and he held my hand and we walked to a place and watched the sun set. As we watched the sun set, I was snuggled next to God and he was telling me something, which I still have to think about to understand. After he finished telling me, he suddenly picked me and I was on his back and he started running.

And then he turned into a lion and I was on his back, hugging his neck when we suddenly tumbled down and rolled down the hill. I realized we were playing, and when I realized that he started running in the meadows and I ran with him. Not tiring and having strength and filled with laughter.

Then we came to an ocean and when I turned around to look for him, he was right next to me but he wasn’t a lion anymore. And we both faced the ocean that looked like glass and that was moving yet not moving, and I held his hand as we walked on the ocean. We walked on the ocean and I was still holding his hand, when all of the sudden the ocean flipped – the ocean flipped and then I was in the sky. Flying.

I was in the sky flying and the sun had already set. I was in the clouds and it seemed like when the sun had set, gold had melted and the clouds had soaked it while I was flying. I was flying, when I paused a little; I was still flying, but I was moving slowly and I closed my eyes. I closed my eyes and I felt God near by me and I felt something lightly raining down on my face. It felt like liquid gold, but it was lighter than rain.

And I opened my eyes and when I opened my eyes, my eyes were filled with stars. I was blinded for a little bit because all I saw were so many stars that it seemed like I was a star with the other stars, my comrades. Then my vision came back and I looked around and I was in the universe and all I saw were stars. Stars, stars, stars. I heard a whispering when suddenly the stars started moving. I saw a bright light coming near, and the stars started moving fast but not so fast that it made me dizzy. The stars moved faster and then they started falling down, as the light came nearer. I heard songs of tongues being sung and I heard voices saying, “He is God. He is King. He is the Maker. He is the Creator.” The voices were praising Him.

As the stars worshiped and fell down and the voices sang, I was on the ground though there seemed to be no ground. Because I felt His power. His Majesty. And as the stars moved and worshiped around me, the light came nearer and nearer to me as the stars moved faster and faster and I was filled with love and fear and awe.

The stars kept moving at a fast speed and the light came only closer and closer, when I crashed. I crashed into the light and then I was enveloped in the light. I was inside God and I feasted my eyes on Him and all I saw was His light.

Then I fell down in darkness, when I jerked and I looked down and I saw the world covered in grey. I saw the world hurting, drabbed in gray; but even though the world was in grey, there was still light shining among the gray. There was still light.

And then, I was in His arms and he hugged me.  And I kept saying, “Daddy, daddy,” as he held me in his hug.

(Another Untitled Poem)

Haha, I’m an old-fashion soul. But ’tis fine, haha. I wrote this, thinking about the, ‘The Anne of Green Gables Novels.’ I’m on the #4 novel, haha; also, I’m rereading all of them, all over again. I’m still thinking of a name for it.

I drink in
the red maple trees,
as the wind sweeps
by them
and sings of sweet, mysterious songs;
as it looks like
the maples are worshiping God.

I listen to the streams
and brooks,
gurgle with laughter;
filled with fresh, madness
and ever-lasting mirth,
that makes my heart sing,
as I breathe in
these velvety, satin airs.

I like to stare
at the sky

as it turns dark,
as it looks like
night is a bowl
filled with stars;
as they smile with me
with joy,
as my breath
suddenly appears,
in this cold, refreshing air.

To me, it seems to be,
that when I hear
the stars twinkle
gently, against
each other –
its the angels’ song
of the universe,

praising the Craftsman.