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The Stars Become Flowers


The stars in my hands are pale, and delicate, but strong flowers
slowly blooming right there, right now as if time
was no burden to them at all, or time could not stop them;
and they are shining so bright
as if laughter had kissed them on their lips
and now they cannot stop smiling
as the sunlight shines on their day,
drenching in the sunlight,
becoming little suns,
as they sing a song in the night in the universe that they live in
to let someone know,
and red giants sitting on horizontal branches wave at them,
that they can lean on someone’s shoulder
to rest and sigh slowly,
to breathe in and to breathe out rest and quietness,
like the way that a river does
that becomes into an ocean
with its waves;
knowing that they need to be still
and rest into something far bigger than themselves.


In His

the strength of winter

shown through bare trees

as they stretch high

and stand tall

against night’s

velvet dim skies

as they hold the stars

in their arms,

cradling them

like a mother

would cradle a baby.


whispers from winds’ praises

as the sounds of heaven

ride on the winds

and peace steals

inside my heart

as the light from the moon

shines greatly like it cannot

hide the glory of God anymore;

I, captivated in awe and fear

by His grace and power and presence

like the night is captivated

by moonlight’s streaks existence.


shadows dance, not afraid

to show the beauty

and playfulness of God’s

because like the angels in heaven

dance in jubilation,

they too dance

because joy comes

in the morning

and morning is coming soon

as weeping and darkness fades,

little by little;

because the Almighty is coming,

I AM is coming

and we are in His Shadow.


all stars shining His Light

the moon showing His glory,

the way night is fascinated

by each ray it finds,

the way how winter is strong,

how the refreshing air awakens something

somewhere deep in us,

the way light is always eager

to receive more,

nourishing itself on nothing

but Truth;

we live in His Creation,

in His Beauty,

in His Shadow

in His Breath.

radiant skies

I wrote this poem two days ago. Haha, I stayed up late to 2 or 3 am working on the poem. I wrote this poem after my friend and I finished stargazing as I was getting ready for bed. We saw nebulae and red stars and a rainbow star that shined bright with rainbow rays and white paths of light and a clouds of stars as the stars and white oaths of light shifted too.

Haha, I saw 9 or 10 shooting stars and my friend saw 17 shooting stars. All in all, it was a night that I wasn’t going to forget because I was blessed. Again.

~ ~ ~

you shine bright

when it is dark;

brighter than the city lights

that try to compete with you;

your light either being

a red light

like fire trapped within

or rainbow rays

shining with invisible rain

or just a light

following darkness.

you leave a trail,

a trail of star dust,

fairy dust, your dust;

as you nebulae

and dwarf planets

and suns and galaxies

gather together

and make shadows

dance across night

and leave

white paths of light

and bring clouds of stars.

as shooting stars

grant you wishes,

whispering you warnings

to keep your wishes secrets

or faeries

might steal it;

while they, those tumbling

liquid diamonds

fall for us

from their radiant skies.

I See the Stars

I See the Stars

As I stare at the sky
and look at the stars,
they cut cleanly across the night
like a knife
with their light.

What is it inside
of them that makes them shine?
How do these starry flowers,
always keep blooming
and shining?

They share their fairy-dust
from their land
of Neverland,
full of trust;
always flying with happiness.

They’re always giving,
always sharing, always loving.
They do not care
if melted-drops of diamonds are everywhere
from the skies that wept.

They do not care if the tears,
fall down and are like liquid black-holes
that they could step on and fall in.
They don’t care if the storms blow in,
trying to put them down on the ground.

They still still sing
the songs of the angels.
They still fly with hidden wings.
Is it because they have the joy
of the Lord in them?

What is it that’s illuminating
inside of them?
How they shine
and how they smile?
And how they echo with laughter.

Haven’t you ever wondered,
about that sweet twinkling sound
that fills the air in the eve –
isn’t it them laughing?
They have joy in the darkness
because they know morning is coming.

They sing with happiness!
They fall down from awe,
when they see their Creator!
The sound of laughter fills them,
from the babies’ first laughs
and from the joy of God crashing over them.

I stare wide-eyed
like a child
when I see those glowing-spheres,
and I can’t help but think
about the powerful Maker of the stars
when I see the stars.