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The Stars Become Flowers


The stars in my hands are pale, and delicate, but strong flowers
slowly blooming right there, right now as if time
was no burden to them at all, or time could not stop them;
and they are shining so bright
as if laughter had kissed them on their lips
and now they cannot stop smiling
as the sunlight shines on their day,
drenching in the sunlight,
becoming little suns,
as they sing a song in the night in the universe that they live in
to let someone know,
and red giants sitting on horizontal branches wave at them,
that they can lean on someone’s shoulder
to rest and sigh slowly,
to breathe in and to breathe out rest and quietness,
like the way that a river does
that becomes into an ocean
with its waves;
knowing that they need to be still
and rest into something far bigger than themselves.


Do You See Me?

“To love at all, is to be vulnerable.” – C.S. Lewis 

I don’t know why and how, but I want people to see my vulnerability. I’ve been trying to show people that I am vulnerable.

I want people to see the vulnerable side of me. I want people to see the worst and best in me, as scary as it is.

But as scary as it can be and as it is, I want to bare it all. I want to be honest.

I want to show people that I am strong in my weakness. I can be strong in my strong points, but I am strong in my weaknesses.

I just want to show my soul.

I just want to be vulnerable.

I just want them to see . . . me.

Do you see me? I am vulnerable.

A Little About Me

Well, a little bit about me. I am a complicated/complex, stubborn, crazy in a good way, teenage Christian girl. And I will be writing a little about my past, which I hope will help others.

I have almost, committed suicide, I will be honest. But God stopped me from cutting my own throat. I know that might sound weird or silly or even impossible, but He did.

He stopped me from killing myself, and I’m glad. He knew what he was doing, and I didn’t.

So, yes. I may be a suicidal girl, who has thought about suicide and almost committed suicide. I also, may be a girl who has cut herself before. But I am also me, myself and I. I am also, a daughter of God. A child of light, as so are you too.

If people judge you, because of your past? They shouldn’t. You aren’t alone.

Committing suicide or cutting yourself or thinking about those, never helps. It never does. It may sometimes seem like those are the best ideas when they’re tempting, but it’s not.

Keep on hoping. I know it may seem that the pain and emptiness is big, but keep holding on because pain never lasts. Pain never does last and will never, unless you let it. If you let the pain stay, then it will stay.

Just keep on hoping. (H.O.P.E – Hold.On.Pain.Ends.) Because in the end, it’s worth it. In the end, everything’s okay.

Just know that you’re never alone. Because if hear that or someone tells you that, that is a lie. Because. You. Are. Never. Alone. Ever.