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What Once Was


Ashes to the ground then to the sky
While this fire it burns,
And the wild cry of Camelot rises
From the ruins of what once was
England’s glory and pride
Because peace and wisdom were sought after
And fought for,
A King wanting that for his people.

But Lady Peace and Lady Wisdom,
War is in this country of yours.
Blood is the color of your skies, Camelot,
As tempers are lost and no one seems
To seek for you, Lady Wisdom;
And your quiet strength, Lady Peace,
Are not in many of the hearts of men,
But instead mayhem – the Devil’s tool and foothold.

Lives are lost and sacrificed, and the living
Forget how to breathe
As they focus that the ones they love
Are dead and not coming back,
And not on what their loved ones gave to them
When they were with them.
So sacrifices made for them and the love
That was given are forgotten as if it were nothing.

O Camelot, O Camelot,
Why did you do that?
Why did you not trust your King?
Why did you take the lies for truth, and truth for lies?
Why did you lose what you should have
Held onto, and yourself?
Trust the hope that was waiting for you in this darkness?
That God would take you by the hand to lead you?

Will you do it again, though, like you once did before?
Will you believe with me, borrow what is mine and what I have
To help you in these journeys that we both have?
Will you slip your hand into His hand, Someone oh so beyond all this
That we know and everything else?
Borrow my smile, my laughter, my hope, my faith, and my peace?
Just take it, my love; I want to give you these flowers
That you’ve seen and grown to know that I love.

You’ve pushed Lady Wisdom aside during this time,
Getting caught by all that is happening –
Will you listen to her now, though, to her sharing her heart?
That this suffering we see is not for nothing,
Unless we make into nothing, though?
Because if you make the suffering and sacrifices that have happened
Into nothing, just like that,
Then it will be nothing to you when all along
It was something real in this world we live in to hold onto.


I See the Dandelion Blooming

Dullness starts to settle in,

and I think the whole world
is gray and black
as I feel life leaving me –
and I think how ironic
that I feel like that life
is leaving me,
just as spring comes
and is here.
. . .
I am sitting here,
waiting for something
that I don’t even know,
and I am wasting away;
wanting to wait
for the daisies to bloom,
but the heartache
is still there –
I still miss you.
. . .
I wait for the daisies
to bloom,
but they don’t come.
It isn’t the time for them –
and I wonder,
was I actually waiting for you,
all along?
And was I waiting to see
if you still wanted to be with me?
. . .
The buildings rise up
in the air,
I see that through the window,
but I am still down
on the ground.
I think the world
is gray and black,
the skies being white;
but then I see the color yellow.
. . .
I see dandelions blooming,
and they are in her hair.
The dandelions
are already blooming,
and they are here.
Gray and white and black
are not the only colors
in my world
and that I see.
Am I wanting to not miss you? No, I don’t want that. I don’t want to not miss you. I just miss you. I miss you. And I’m scared as I write this, and I don’t exactly know why I’m scared.
A/N: This was a poem that I wrote two or three days ago. I’m not sure if it makes sense, for to me it almost doesn’t make sense; but this is just something that I wrote a few days ago. Thank you for  reading this if you are, for it means much to me that people have read my writings and read my writing s when they do.

Wishful Catching (or) Firefly Catching

Bodies filled with light,

these little fireflies

caught in a jar

for the first time

as I run barefoot;

. . .

my feet digging

in the garden soil

as I catch wishes

that light in the faded

evening with the

. . .

darkening skies

as I run and catch

fireflies that grant wishes,

these wishful stars

that cling to the earth.

the dancer

Sweat, blood, pan, you have to sacrifice when you dance; but it’s worth it. Dance is painful, yes – but I love dance.

the dancer 
she walks on rivers,
dancing on top
on the tip of her toes;
standing on the very tip
of her toes
and dancing
till her breaths 
and sweat and movement
blend into a blurriness,
which she can see through
and still dance
to the music playing
around her as the world
she treads on top of waters,
her frustration 
and stress and sadness,
now out in the open;
just like her
as she twirls and lets 
the world go by her;
she doesn’t care anymore,
not when she dances
because when she dances,
she feels like she belongs,
and it’s the closest
to flying like the birds 
as she defies gravity. 
she’s tiptoeing on seas,
and it doesn’t matter
if she does walk
on sprained feet
and if her feet does bleed
and her feet become raw,
showing the skin 
under her skin;
it doesn’t matter
because she’s dancing
as she stretches her arms
and strains to reach
towards what only she can see.

{Peter Pan: a Valentine poem}

{Peter Pan: a Valentine poem}

You left me standing shocked
near to the open window
with the flowing curtains
as you flew away from me again.

Peter, please show up at my window.
You left me still with numb
when you whisked me away
and said those words to my heart.

You left your shadow behind
and it’s you that causes me
to stir in my sleep
and think of you in my dreams.

You gave me a kiss
in a form of an acorn,
when I was in your arms
and it’s what’s saving my life.

As we fly next to each other,
our hands are close
but not quite touching
as we hide in the shadows.

Your laughter makes me laugh
and makes me suddenly wish,
I could give you your thimble
in a form of a kiss.

But I’m scared,
you’ll fly away from me again
and fly away out of my view,
always off to adventures.

So quick, so nimble,
but would you be quick to understand
the look in my eyes
when you take me to Neverland?

Peter, show yourself,
I need you now more than ever.
Come into view,
I’ll come away with you.

I want to stay with you,
right here forever more
in the Neverland sun,
in the arms of my Peter Pan.

~ ~ ~

Inspired by a original song called, ‘Peter Pan.’ Also, inspired by my thoughts and Valentine’s day! Hip, hip, hooray! Nah, I apologize for the lovey dovey poem. :p

Thank you for taking the time to read this. 🙂

The link to the song: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7Ok0XbD2OrE

(Another Untitled Poem)

Haha, I’m an old-fashion soul. But ’tis fine, haha. I wrote this, thinking about the, ‘The Anne of Green Gables Novels.’ I’m on the #4 novel, haha; also, I’m rereading all of them, all over again. I’m still thinking of a name for it.

I drink in
the red maple trees,
as the wind sweeps
by them
and sings of sweet, mysterious songs;
as it looks like
the maples are worshiping God.

I listen to the streams
and brooks,
gurgle with laughter;
filled with fresh, madness
and ever-lasting mirth,
that makes my heart sing,
as I breathe in
these velvety, satin airs.

I like to stare
at the sky

as it turns dark,
as it looks like
night is a bowl
filled with stars;
as they smile with me
with joy,
as my breath
suddenly appears,
in this cold, refreshing air.

To me, it seems to be,
that when I hear
the stars twinkle
gently, against
each other –
its the angels’ song
of the universe,

praising the Craftsman.